Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Big Oil, Burma and the Genocide Against the Rohingya

The Cutting Edge: "The last two years has seen first the US, then the UK and the EU, lift decades of economic sanctions with a view to "open a new chapter" in relations with Burma.
Nestled strategically between India and China, Burma is rich in fossil fuels and other mineral resources, including oil, gas, gold, timber and jade."

Monday, April 22, 2013

Cause of death? Competition

A proven way to cut road deaths | South China Morning Post: "Last year, according to a report tabled in the Legislative Council, taxis clocked more than 1,700 speeding offences per 1,000 vehicles, a worrying 37 per cent increase over 2011. Even such a high incidence of offending could understate the problem, given the competition for fares. That is a worry, since speed is one of the main killers on the roads.
...An industry spokesman urged the government to curb illicit fare discounting that encourages drivers to speed to earn more money...."

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Chengdu is interested in cooperation with free public transport in Tallinn

Tallinn: "China's Sichuan provincial capital of Chengdu, Liu Shoucheng deputy mayor in charge of Transport confirmed on 26 At a meeting in March, Mayor Jim loop Chengdu interest free public transport in Tallinn and deepen contacts Chengdu to participate in the activities of the public transport network."

Monday, April 1, 2013

Cars choking Mongolia

Mongolia’s car-free day urges cycling instead - NZweek: "ULAN BATOR, March 31 — The Mongolian capital held a “Car-Free Day” Sunday, calling on people to travel by bike in a bid to cut the city’s severe winter air pollution.

Traffic congestion and environmental problems caused by vehicle emissions have become a thorny problem for the government. Sunday’s campaign, co-sponsored by Ulan Bator city hall and the Bicycle Federation, included bicycle touring, cycling performances, parade square running, children’s painting, health consultation and other activities."

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