Saturday, October 23, 2010

Good reasons for free public transport

Over the past three decades, China has achieved social stability and economic prosperity. More and more people begin to consider the reform of social welfare. It is a growing recognition that people should not pay for the public transportation.

Free public transportation inspires people,especially who have private cars,to convert their customs. With the increasing population, traffic congestion becomes one of the biggest problems that a lot of cities are facing. More attentions are paid on practicing free public transportation by the government. And individuals may try to choose, considering costs in time and gas, free public transportation which covers the entire city. From 2008, a small city with a population of one hundred thousand in the Middle of China, called Changning began to promote the free-public-transportation policy. The number of passenger has increased 5 fold by now according to the data. What’s more, the vehicle flowing rate decreases 10 percent on the main street. Traffic jams thins noticeably.

Meanwhile, free public transportation which changes the transport modes in cities will be in favor of saving limited resources and protecting the environment eventually. Due to the trend of free public transportation, fewer vehicles will be running on the busy road so that less gas will be consumed, less exhaust will be discharged as well as less noise pollution we will suffer.

Lastly, compared with paid public transportation, balancing the gap between the rich and the poor is also an advantage. The cost of using private cars remains to be increased. Like the situation in London, it takes an 8-pound congestion charge for a car to get into the town each time, not to mention the expensive parking fees. Moreover, the fees from the rich can be used to support the free public transportation. However, public finance which is from the taxes should be responsible for most of the expenditure apparently. In addition, ads revenue from the vehicles and bus stations can make up for the expenditure partly. A Free Public Transportation Fund can be created to stimulate the growth of it.

All in all, free public transportation has so many advantages which satisfy the majority. Consequently, both government and individual should support it so that we will live in a more inhabitable environment.

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