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Luxembourg - free public transport

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Changning, China, #freepublictransport leads to 60% ridership increase

The world’s largest free public transit system is in Changning , in China’s Hunan province, where free transportation has been available since 2008. Riders reportedly increased by 60% the day the system debuted.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Hong Kong polluted and choked with traffic

Hong Kong is a crowded city, with just over 2,100 km of road packed with more than 730,000 vehicles. To reduce the crush, people should be advised to travel by public transport. Legalising Uber, which would aid the growth of the ride-hailing company, would mean more single-passenger vehicles on the road, encouraging the public to travel in such private vehicles.
The problems facing Hong Kong, with too many vehicles on often-narrow roads, are completely different from those faced by other cities with a low population density. More vehicles on the road would worsen rush hour traffic, not only causing jams and but also aggravating air pollution, posing an increased health risk. The Hong Kong government should not legalise Uber and, more importantly, should encourage more people to take public transport. 

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Elderly and disabled ride fare-free in Maoming, Guangdong, China

Uniform Preferential Policies: 1. No cash discounts for ticket purchases; 2. 20% discount for cardholders; 3) 30% discount for student card holders; 40% discount for cardholders with love cards; 5) Cardholders and disability for senior cardholders The card is subject to a 50% discount; 6. The elderly person with a card (age 70 or above) is allowed to use the bus within the urban area free of charge. 7. Passengers with disabled card and revolutionary disabled soldier card ride free of charge.

统一优惠政策: 1、现金购票无折扣;2、持普卡实行8折优惠;3、持学生卡实行7折优惠;4、持爱心卡实行6折优惠;5、持老干部卡和残优卡实行5折优惠;6、持老人卡(70岁以上)免费乘坐城区范围内行驶的公交车。7、持残疾人卡和革命伤残军人卡的乘客免费乘坐。