Saturday, March 30, 2013

China to build walkable city

China’s Tianfu Ecological City will celebrate pedestrians | Toronto Star: "In Tianfu Ecological City, feet will rule — along with the people who use them.
“It should be easier to be a pedestrian than a motorist,” says Kindel. “That’s the reverse of the thinking in Toronto or Chicago. The needs of the pedestrian have been neglected over the past 30 years in North America.”"

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

China: Do-it-yourself #freetransit

Car sharers call for support - CHINA - BEIJING - "Shunfengche non-profit foundation, an NGO providing free rides to those in need, announced Tuesday at an event at the China Millennium Monument that they have designed a sticker for drivers who participate in the scheme to affix to their cars, to differentiate them from illegal taxis. Liu Kunming, director of Shunfengche, said they have asked municipal traffic authorities to recognize their drivers are providing a public service, and allow them to use the bus lanes, be excluded from license plate restrictions and can have toll-free highway access.

Previously, the organization has mostly helped offer rides to people who need to go home during Chinese holidays, although some have already been offering rides in the capital.

"We are a free voluntary organization. All our drivers are from different social backgrounds," he said.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Want to solve #climatechange? #freetransit, not electric cars is the answer.

Norway shows the way with electric cars, but at what cost? | Reuters: "In fact, in places like China, the requirements for electric cars just add to environmental problems.

Many Chinese power plants use coal with few filters, spewing out particulate matter - chemicals, acids and metals - that causes more pollution per km for electric cars than gasoline-powered cars, said Chris Cherry, an electric vehicle analyst at the University of Tennessee.

"In China, electric vehicles may worsen health effects compared to normal cars," said Cherry, who was lead author of a study published in February in the journal Environmental Science and Technology."

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