Saturday, January 25, 2014

Shanghai legislators call for #freetransit for an additional 380,000 seniors : "Currently, seniors over 70 do not pay on public transport during non-rush hours. The transport companies are compensated by the city government from the car plate auction funds.

Many legislators want the age limit for subsidized travel for seniors brought down to 65, but Sun said that would burden the transport system.

"We will first start with the age classification scheme and then extend the free services after the public transport is fully upgraded," he said."

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wuhu, China, disabled ride buses free and new bike share a success

Wuhu-english: " The cards implement free transfers within 40 minutes, a "pregnant women badge," and free rides for the disabled and candidates taking high school or college entrance exams. To implement the service benchmarking project, the first star driver, star line service will be listed. To promote the modernization of public transportation through informationization, Wuhu city completed technical transformation of mobile phone cards last year. and online recharge system, unifying operational kilometer, fuel consumption, IC card and pocketbook data into GPS platform management.

In November last year, a public bike rental system was transferred to the Wuhu bus management department. Currently, throughout the whole city, 553 public bike rental places have been put into use. A total of 12,000 bicycles are in operation. 60,000 people apply for leases card, and maximum rent per day exceeds 58,000 times. For vehicle maintenance, real-time scheduling and other issues, the group developed a practical management approach. Service complaints are declining steadily, and citizen satisfaction is gradually increasing."

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HK chief executive vows to develop public transport "Hong Kong Chief Executive C Y Leung said Wednesday that the government will continue to develop a transportation system centered on public transport with railway as the backbone, in order to alleviate road congestion and roadside emissions.

...The government will foster a "bicycle-friendly" environment in new towns and new development areas by improving cycle tracks and parking spaces for bicycles, Leung said.

He also pledged to improve pedestrian facilities, including the provision of barrier-free access."

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Carbon bubble threatening to burst in China

China’s Producer Prices Extend Drop in Sign of Weakness: Economy - Bloomberg: "China’s producer prices, a measure of the cost of goods as they leave the factory, extended the longest slide since the 1990s in December, adding to evidence that the world’s second-largest economy weakened last month."

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