Friday, July 25, 2014

Seniors ride free in Shanghai, China

13.4b yuan from sales | Shanghai Daily: "Some 3 billion yuan of this was used for the expansion and maintenance on the Metro. Another 1.9 billion yuan was spent subsidizing buying buses, while 920 million yuan went to subsidize public transport transfer discounts.

And 590 million yuan was used to provide free public transport for seniors, with 580 million yuan spent on the public transport infrastructure and 350 million yuan for other subsidies.

A total of 6 billion yuan left over in 2013 will be spent on the public transport in the coming years."

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Beijing - Transportation expert admits that fares are for rationing, not revenue

chinanews|ecns|cns: "According to a China Youth Daily survey, 52.8 percent of the 2,282 respondents oppose any increase in public transport fares. Those who oppose such a move regard fiscal subsidies for public transportation as reasonable, with many even saying that subsidies are an indispensable part of vital public services.

... Wang Mengshu, a transportation expert and academic with the Chinese Academy of Engineering, told 21st Century Business Herald that the Beijing subway fare reform is aimed at reducing passenger flow to strengthen security rather than earning more revenue. But the question is: What other modes of transport can the passengers use? As the media say, people use the metro to commute to and from work more out of compulsion and less by choice because they can avoid traffic jams. As long as the flow of road traffic doesn't improve drastically, it will not be easy to divert commuters from the subway to buses even if metro ticket prices are increased."

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sina Weibo users respond to fare-increase request-for-comments by calling for #freetransit

#北京公共交通调价前征民意# 给出的选项都是涨,为什么不是降价或者免费?第四个选项“我说了算么”。当民众选择投票给“我说了算么”的时候,这不是对政府信心的极大丧失吗?公交作为公众设施,就应该免费!

#北京公共交通调价# 为了减少雾霾,应该免费或设置免费日。

#北京公共交通调价#一看要调价,大家都认为要涨价。不是还能往下调吗?为啥不大家都提意见,要求更便宜,比如,地面公交免费,这样地铁没那么挤了,鼓励大家更多乘坐公交,路上车少了,污染少了,拥堵少了,这不是太好的政策吗? 我点评了


#北京公共交通调价# 北京公共交通调价你怎么看? 不支持涨价,低票价更利于鼓励公共交通出行,公共交通最好免费,也为了一点环保。现在私家车很多,还有堵车,所以不能涨价。 详情

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Beijing polls public opinion on transit fare hikes

People's Daily Online: "BEIJING - Beijing municipal authorities on Thursday launched public transportation reform, soliciting public comments on price hikes on bus and subway fares.
Beijing authorities have begun polling the public's opinion on a possible hike in fares for the city's public transport system on Thursday."